I’ve never been to Elba, but I was enamoured with a guidebook my parents had in our bookshelf. So much so, that around thirty years ago I decided to paint it, and here it is.

If you know nothing of Elba, here’s a short synopsis. It’s an island in the Tuscan Archipelago, just off the western coast of Italy. It’s strewn with beautiful little harbours and, one might imagine, many a spot to enjoy an Aperl Spritz, or similar.

I’ve no idea whereabouts in Elba this picture is of. I’ve had a look on Google maps and the trouble with streetview is it’s not much good at finding a view from the vantage point of a boat.

My best-guess is that the painting is of this spot > Pomonte. I guess I’ll have to visit at some point to confirm my suspicions.

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